Harambe & Friends

Twenty-seven incredibly talented artists collaborated eighteen heart-felt songs with the soul intention of raising funds, consciousness and compassion through divinely, powerful music.

Quite a few artists on the CD have been very successful in the music-biz with many hit songs, and some have won Hall of Fame Awards, as well as those who are mega-award-winners, and nationally acclaimed musicians as well. We have many talented artists who desired to give back to the animals in memory of Harambe, the beautiful-spirited Gorilla. We cannot turn back the hand of time, but we can continue to honor his SPIRIT...and this is why Founder, Lois Chazen created, "World Peace For Animals!"

Not only is Turtle Dove Publications making a difference in the lives of animals through books, but now we are making a difference in the lives of animals through music!!!

Introducing our first CD: Harambe & Friends:

Download the digital CD at CDBaby