The Key: Truths of the Universe

This Book is the Divine-tool for your journey in Earth-School!

Bobbie Tyler was the receiver and transcriber, from 1983 to 1986, of the messages in The Key. She stated: "In the last series of messages, I was told that it was the dawning of a new beginning."

Bobbie Tyler gifted Lois Chazen exclusive rights in 2012, to recreate the original copy of The Key (1987). She requested the book be filled with fabulous artwork, including a unique tree to represent "Mother Earth." Bobbie left this earth-plane in 2013. It is Lois's honor to bring these life-altering messages out to the world: "to circulate," as stated in the book to do.

Lois Chazen created the new edition, The Key: Truths of the Universe, so at last her commitment to Bobbie Tyler has been fulfilled.

A portion of proceeds from this book will assist animal rescue organizations through "Turtle Dove Publications" in honor of Bobbie Tyler.

"The Key is a remarkable dance of words, interweaving ancient spiritual principles into a coherent unity-a Divine wisdom that can be applied to the challenges of everyday life. For spiritual seekers, not only is The Key a worthwhile read-it just may change your life."

Karen Richardson Dunn
Ordained Minister, Editor,
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