Loving Ruby


A True Story of a Rescued Baby Cardinal Becomes an Award- Winning Children's Book!

Animal lover Lois Chazen found a baby cardinal hopping around a circle-park in Sebring, Florida. The story of her nursing the bird to maturity and releasing it into the wild, is now a children's book. This true story is written in rhyme and illustrated with a blend of photography and artwork. Loving Ruby details the healing process of wildlife, as well as the people who care for them. This heart-felt story reveals the true essence of compassion and the sacrifices needed to help save wildlife.

Lois has been rescuing animals throughout her life. "My purpose and passion has always been saving the lives of animals. If I see an animal that's been injured or abandoned, I will always do my best to go above and beyond assisting in any way possible. This devotion stems from my heart, purely out of respect and honor for our Creator. All life is sacred!"

The Defenders of Wildlife receives a donation from the purchase of every Loving Ruby book sold.